Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gym Form Dual Shaper Review Part 2 1/2

You might be wondering where's Part 1 and Part 2? It's at my other blog at Invii.

Aside from a simple yes or no answer to common questions, like does it work, or is it effective, I'm going to be putting it to a test. Why am I doing this?

Hmm... Maybe because I really do want it to work as they claim it does. After all I bought it for that. But I guess I owe it to interested readers who bothered to comment at Invii. I was using it regularly but then I went  on vacation and ate too much and now I feel I've undone whatever progress the dual shaper has done, if ever it really did anything.

Like myself, I guess many people want to lose those fat bellies the easy way. No sweat at the gym, no agonizing crunches and you can use the dual shaper while you're typing away on your laptop (like what I'm doing now).

Since they don't really prescribe a way to use it, like how many times in a day or how long per use, I'm putting up my own routine. Maybe just like exercise, the dual shaper needs some form of consistency of use too. Not just whenever I feel like ir.

For 15 days, here's the plan.

1st 3 days - Finish Program 1 - Toning at least once a day. This lasts for 21 mins. Will use the vibrator simultaneously.

2nd - Program 2 - Reducer (20 min)

3rd - Program 3 - Silhouette (24 min)

4th - Program 4 - Calorie Burning (24 min)

5th - Program 5 - Reaffirming  (22 min)

I've measured my waist or rather in line with the belly button area. So I started at this number __. Will check again in the morning when I wake up and take note. Will exercise whenever I can and try not to stuff myself with food. Still will be eating 3x a day ++.

Hope I can stick to the plan. Motivations are welcome. At it's price P3,000 +, it's not something most people would like to try on a whim.


  1. Hi, Would like to know the update on how Dual shaper is working for you.

  2. I have also posted my comments at Invii's blog. I hope we get to see a follow up on your review. Thanks.

  3. should i finished all programs a day. what are those five programs about.