Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Earning Online by a Beginner

Earning Online by a Beginner

I wrote this for my Triond page awhile back and now I'm thinking of trying Triond again. It seems my link is missing though. Hope this link works.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Which is better Wordpress or Blogger?

I'm not so techie so I could not easily compare the two. At first I like Blogger because I could easily navigate it. Then, I looked up some "how-to" in the net for my wordpress so I was getting the hang of it. I was building up content for my wordpress blog when I realized I couldn't add any Adsense, Clicksor or Chitika on it.

There's NO PLUG-IN available for WORDRESS.COM

Usually, when I look up "how to add plug in for wordpress"  on google, I get a response. But these are for Wordpress.Org usually. You have to pay for it.

I like wordpress better because it's easily seen by search engines and I usually get a lot of hits as soon as I post something interesting. While with blogger, It usually takes 2-3 days more with my blogger.

Here's the post if you have questions about adding Chitika, Adsense to your site.


In other words, you CANNOT add them. They have an alternative called Adwords. But, to be eligible for this you need to have a custom domain. Thus you have to pay for it. Bummer.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sydney Adventist Hospital Email - Scam or not?


When I first received this email, I was surprised, excited and then a little bit wary. Being a Google fan, of course I quickly looked it up and found the very, credible looking website of Sydney Adventist Hospital. 
So I posted it in my other blog and was hoping that someone can leave a message if they got the message too.

Is it a crime to be hopeful and optimistic? I mean, I post my resume online for the purpose that employers could see it, so like an answer to a prayer, it just might be possible that an employer/employers would pick out my resume among a million of other applicants and include me for this opportunity.

Here's the email from Sydney Adventist Hospital that they sent me. Broke it up into parts.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Human Nature in Iloilo - go Organic

I've been seeing a trend in organic products. Everyone wants to go organic. Organic has a lot of meanings, but I think what people mean when they say organic is "Simple, healthful, and close to nature". 

I joined Human Nature not just because of the organic trend but also because of what the company stands for. It's Pro-Philippines. Pro-Environment. And Pro-Poor. I think the Philippines has a lot of untapped natural resources that just needs to be marketed properly.

Human Nature Website

If you want to be a dealer, they have 3 packages for you to choose from.

I got the P799 package. Included with the membership are free products. Here's what I got:

(From Left) Kids Shampoo Tangerine Tarsier, Baby Wash, Moisturizing Shampoo with Cream Foam, Peppermint Lip Balm, New Day Moisturizer 15 vitamins and Minerals, Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil

Missing from the pic: Balancing Facial Wash, Feminine Wash, Juicy Burst Sanitizer, Bug Shield Lotion and Healthy Lotion Berry Bliss

I've been getting dry skin so I really wanted to try this moisturizing day fluid. Already bought the sunflower oil but I keep forgetting to use it. 

When I first inquired for the dealership, they presented me this P800 pack and another worth about P2000. Prices are a little less like 799 pesos, or 1799 but I'm just rounding it off. What the guy forgot to tell me was that you have to have a maintaining product purchase of at least 800 (since I got this package) every month! 

They said it can be accumulative and that there's a 3 month grace period for you to comply. (Glum, glum, glum). Not really much of a seller at the moment. I got about an equal amount of items to what I paid so it's not really a loss. 

Also for minimum dealership you get 15%. If you get the P2000 package the discount is higher at 25% (i think). 

Still want to try their lipsticks and/or lip balms. Hope it doesn't have an ugly smell since I'm particular about that. (Lipstick)

Hope these products are as good as they say it is, because I think it's really marketable world wide. Prices are affordable and they have a great story.

Location for Iloilo branch: 2/F Jesena Bldg. It's near San Agustin school. Jeepneys passing San Agustin street are Lapaz jeep and Mandurriao jeep.