Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole

I'm a huge fan of Kresley Cole. All her books, especially the Immortals after Dark series, have never disappointed me, but I was a bit doubtful at first when I first scanned the synopsis, as well as the first pages of the book.

It is written in the first person POV narrative.
The character were in their teens 16-18 years old, I believe.
It was a post-apocalyptic book.

But as I flipped through the pages, I became so engrossed with it, I could hardly put it down. Now I wish the next book was out because I want to know what happens next.

Here's a bit of a summary of Poison Princess;

Evangeline Greene is one of your 'popular' girls. But she's not mean. She's hiding a secret though... she's been having hallucination that sent her to an institution for one summer to have her 'cured'.

Her hallucinations though were visions of whats to come. A major wipe out of everything, they call 'Flash'. In the new world post flash, water, food and female are scarce. Because of the lack of food, some people have become zombies or rather they call them Baggermen (will recheck this one).

Think Resident Evil x the Walking Dead x Mari from Wicked Deeds on a Winter Night (cause the heroine reminded me of her) x Tarots x High school of the dead (anime)

There's also a love story thrown into the mix as well as a lot of heavy choices, the heroine has to make.

Though the ending was a cliffhanger, I didn't feel cheated by it because a lot was happening throughout the whole book. Grab your own copy now.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

This Guy's in Love with You Mare - movie review

Remember that popular song, "this guy's in love with you pare," where the singer is in love with his best friend who he treats like one of the guys. Well, that's how I remember interpreting that song.

For a brief summary of This Guy's in Love with you Mare:

We have three main characters, Mike, Lester and Gemma. Lester is the rich gay who has a relationship with Mike for 3 years. After 3 years, Mike breaks up with Lester. It turns out that for a year already, Mike has been seeing Gemma and wants to propose to her already.

Lester, heartbroken, devises an evil plot to make Gemma fall in love with him and cause her and Mike to break up. He pretends to be a guy and begins to court Gemma.

Gemma, the unsuspecting lady, begins to develop a tendre for Lester though she still loves Mike. But in the end, all plots are revealed. So who gets to be with whom?

Though it's pretty easy to understand the plot, what made the movie worth watching is how they deliver. Gemma (played by Toni Gonzaga) and Mike (Luis Manzano) were too saccharine when they were acting as a couple but I guess this is to amp up the comedy effect of the movie.

I didn't laugh as much as I expected to...maybe because I saw the trailers a lot on TV. But it was a fun and enjoyable movie. It had a plot, it was a comedy and in the end it teaches us that if you did something wrong, you have to learn how to say sorry.

On a side note, my sister and I were trying to figure out the title. Who is the Guy? And who is the Mare in the title of the movie, This Guy's in Love with You Mare?

Is it Luis for Gemma? Luis for Lester? Or Lester for Gemma?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The New Kfc Mac and Cheese bites review

I love cheese! Whenever I see a new food creation that is oozing with cheesey-ness, I just have to give it a try. I don't know if this is deserving a whole new blog post but I was so hyped up when I passed by KFC and saw their new KFC Mac and Cheese bites, I was salivating to get a bite out of it.

When I found out that it only had five pieces per order, I ordered two. It was hot off the oven so I waited a few moments to give it time to cool a bit.

When I took my first bite.... it was disappointing. It tasted bland and unappetizing, just one bite was enough. It wasn't even very fulfilling.

I struggled to think of what this taste reminded me of. Alas, it reminded me of their previous creation, cheesy pops! Only with cheesy pops, I remember there was a dip given to chase away the blandness, the mac and cheese bites didn't even have that.

The cheese pops didn't last, so I don't know how long this one will last either. Bleh.


On the other hand, I also just recently tasted Pizza Hut's garlic bread with parmesan cheese. Now, that was tasty, full of cheese goodness!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Google Picasa - Create your photo collage easily!


It was months ago when I labored for hours trying to make my "amateur-like" collage via photoshop.

With Picasa, what I spent hours laboring over, was quickly done in just a couple of minutes!

Compare my previous collage

And a new collage I made

Sea World Pics

I guess I'm a little behind with these programs. But happy I've discovered it now! now I hope I can find a program to make personalize pic/quotes like this one... which I also spent hours with at Photoshop  If you know a program, let me know.

Will add a detailed review of Picasa once I get the hang of it.