Sunday, November 4, 2012

Suddenly It's Magic summary and review

The summery of the story is simple enough to grasp in a few sentences. Thai superstar gets burned out at work, wants to relax, unwind in a place where no one knows him so he decides to go to the Philippines. He meets a pretty, down to earth Filipino who has her own struggles and pains. They fall in love and deal with the difficulties of being together.

Despite its plot's simplicity, I was one of those people gushed, oohed and ahh-ed during Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales' sweet, sappy moments. There's just something about Mario's face, smile, and over-all charisma that's disarming, beguiling and totally charming.

Mario Maurer pic

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So what can I say about the story as a whole? Some might think the plot was formulaic, but I appreciated how it deviated from being a total cliche in certain scenes. For example, when Joey (Erich Gonzales) walked in on the press conference and was seemingly hurt by it, Marcus (Mario Maurer) stood up for her and recognized her as his girlfriend in front of the press without a second thought.

One scene I found a  bit ridiculous though was when Joey started tasting all the cupcakes in the eatery when Marcus said they were sad-tasting, and then she started to choke. Haha but really?

The gay role of Joross Gamboa was funny at first but the his high pitched sounds became a bit overdone in the end. Supporting casts were great especially Marcus' Filipina housekeeper.

Although, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of scenes that showed Thailand. It seems as though the only place where they managed to shoot it in Thailand were the temples.The view of Ilocos was lovely though and it made me want to visit there soon.

Also, some lines to ponder from the movie: "Can you give up the life that you love, for the love of your life? Or the love of your life for the life that you love?"

I enjoyed watching the movie. Even got the last song symdrome of Suddenly It's Magic:

I feel so free,

It's like a fantasy
Havin' you next to me
Suddenly it's magic

One look, one touch
Words just don't say enough
When you fall in love
Suddenly, suddenly it's magic

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