Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fallen Angel Books by Cynthia Eden, Angel Betrayed

When Twilight became popular, a lot of vampire books suddenly became popular too. With the Twilight Saga craze everyone seemed to be looking for more vampire books to read.

When vampire books became a bit overdone, Fallen angels suddenly seem be to the new 'IT' book after vampire books became passe. Try typing 'Fallen' on Amazon.

While most of these fallen angel books are directed towards young adults, try reading Cynthia Eden's sexy version of fallen angels.

Though I enjoyed her first book Angel of Darkness (The Fallen) the story of Keenan, Angel of Death and Nicole st. James, newly turned vampire, I enjoyed her second book Angel Betrayed (Fallen), Sammael (Sam) and Seline's story even more.

The story line of the books revolve around the Angels falling from heaven because they disobeyed their orders. These Angels have began to feel, anger, envy, desire.... and they're not supposed to. In the first book, when Keenan chose not to take Nicole's life but took her attacker's instead, he fell. Confused of his new life as a fallen, he finds his way back to Nicole figuring she is the key for him to return to the heavens... but does he still really want to?

Sammael, a major bad-ass angel, was shrouded in mystery in the first book. Is he a good guy or not? Some of his actions were mysterious in the first book, but it turned out he had his own reasons for acting that way.

The story reminded me of an old movie, City of Angels (1998) starred by Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan. But compared to watching a movie, you could really feel the emotions more if you're reading a book especially when it's written emotionally well like in Angel Betrayed.

(Spoilers) When Seline died, you get to really feel Sam's desperation. It kept me guessing on what will happen next. Does Sam return to heaven after sacrifice? Or will Seline fall? It also makes you question, what is heaven really like?

After reading Angel of Darkness and Angel Betrayed, I'm starting to look for more of Cynthia Eden's book. Though this post is a bit delayed for her contest, I still want to share her that her new book Howl For It has just been released. If her writing is as good as the two books I had read, then this is a must by!

Oh btw, try listening to Goo Goo Doll's Iris while reading Angel Betrayed/Angel of Darkness. I kept humming and singing the song  to myself after reading, lol.

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