Monday, June 25, 2012

Maybelline Watershine Lipstick - p11

Got to have it!

Ever experience that moment when you fall in instant lust with an object and you can't take it off your mind? You want to have/acquire/own/possess. You just got to have it.

Saw this lipstick ad on Facebook and though I don't usually share/comment on stuff, I did so with this one. Bought another shade same brand last Saturday, but I'm still itching to buy this one. Didn't buy this one cause I thought I owned a similar color.

Aura by Swarowski Vintage Rose

P11 of Maybelline is lighter though and I realized the one I bought Maybelline b24 is more similar in shade to my vintage rose. Here's a review from another blogger of maybelline b24.

Will probably buy P11 when I have extra cash again, or when it goes one sale. Got my B24 for P299, but I read in another blog that she got it for only P209.

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