Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to win at casino slots - thoughts and links to nice reads

I recognize the gambler in me. While I could control it, if I'm in front of slot machine I might spend more than what I said I would. There must be that gambler gene in all of us that makes us believe that the next bet will bring us the jackpot.

With the opening of a casino in my city, thought about looking up these articles.

Psychology of Casino - by Barry Borsboom

Psychology of Casinos by Jonah Lehrer

The Psychology of Gambling

While most of those articles talk about how the casinos lull you into staying longer and playing more, the 3rd one has a few intersting tips.

1. Slots that pay more can be found in more popular sections where a lot of people can see you win. Stay away from obscure ones. Might try this tip the next time I visit. Fingers crossed.

2. Read the pay table. If there are a lot of combinations that return wins, this might have a higher win frequency.

3. Check the pay ratio.(This is why I always bet the lowest but with more lines.)

Location of Loose Slots

Another interesting site I've found. This might work on big casinos in las vegas. Lost some money when I went there. I don't think I won there at all. I don't know if it will work in our local casino but it's quite interesting. Still with the same concept - more wins to attract more people to play.

EDIT: 6/29/12 Tried the location trick... didn't work for me.
Going to try the time trick next time. Or maybe it really is just a matter of chance. lol

Monday, June 25, 2012

Kindle vs Nook

E-book Readers
Revolutionizing the way you read

Book of the future. Let's save paper. 

Competing for the title of best e-reader (best ebook reader from CNET) look no further than Kindle or Nook. Kindle by Amazon and Nook by Barnes and Noble.

I own this version of Kindle, although there are a lot of models to choose from right now. Compared to when I bought mine a year ago, they now offer touch screen kindle and fully colored (Kindle Fire). 

For my sister, I bought her NOOK Color.

Photo by Barnes and Noble

Why I like my Kindle:
* They are focused on the world wide market.
I can get free e-books sent to my kindle without registering/linking a credit card. I could not do this for my sister's Nook.

*My free Amazon 3G internet works here in Iloilo, Philippines. Since it's not the capital city, I'n happy that there's a connection.

*Very light weight.

I dropped it maybe twice. there were some problems physically (pressed it back together) but no problems internally. (sometimes it does hang up though).

Why I like my sister's Nook sometimes.

*It has COLOR!

*Can access most sites like facebook, or neopets with it's free wifi.

Summary: Don't bother with other readers. Get either a Kindle or a Nook.

Maybelline Watershine Lipstick - p11

Got to have it!

Ever experience that moment when you fall in instant lust with an object and you can't take it off your mind? You want to have/acquire/own/possess. You just got to have it.

Saw this lipstick ad on Facebook and though I don't usually share/comment on stuff, I did so with this one. Bought another shade same brand last Saturday, but I'm still itching to buy this one. Didn't buy this one cause I thought I owned a similar color.

Aura by Swarowski Vintage Rose

P11 of Maybelline is lighter though and I realized the one I bought Maybelline b24 is more similar in shade to my vintage rose. Here's a review from another blogger of maybelline b24. anonymous-reviews.blogspot.com

Will probably buy P11 when I have extra cash again, or when it goes one sale. Got my B24 for P299, but I read in another blog that she got it for only P209.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment.

Wordpress vs Blogger

There are a lot of free sites nowadays that you can choose to be your online home. I've had an account at XangaWeebly, and most recently at Wordpress. I've dumped the first two and only update my wordpress now. I'vee seen some decent blogspot blogs and was debating on whether I should switch back to blogspot, remain at wordpress or try and update both.

As of today, here are my thoughts:

Easy to Use: Winner: Blogspot
Statistic and feedback: Winner: Wordpress
Money making site: Not sure yet

Trying to be committed to both sites for now. One for more personal, random posts, another for a themed post.