Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Don't Buy Samsung Aircon

Yes, as the title reads, don't buy Samsung Aircons.

Despite the brand's current fame worldwide as being a trusted brand, I no longer equate the brand's name to quality and efficient service.

The past 2-3 years we've bought a Samsung LCD TV, a Samsung camera and a Samsung aircon.

 We bought our aircon last 2011 and it was supposed to reach it's 2 year mark this September. Unfortunately before it stopped cooling completely, we had to have it cleaned a lot because it was not performing as well as when it was brand new. Then all of a sudden it's broken.

They told us it was an "outdoor board defect" and thus it was not covered by the warranty. Okay... so that's life. What's depressing is we had to wait at least a MONTH to have it fixed! Is that efficient?

So far we have been disappointed by our Samsung products. Our Samsung LCD was hit by lightning and so it's now broken too. I don't know how long we have to wait to have it fixed and how much they will charge for it this time.

I don't know how well the Samsung phones fare since they seem to be a hot commodity right now. But I for one won't consider buying another Samsung product for a while. Maybe never again because of this experience

I emailed their customer service and I got a reply on my first email. They told me to email again proof of purchase etc... and it's funny because underneath that email is a note that says "do not reply to this email". So I had to do some effort and go back to their website's page to email again my proof and documents. I don't know if they received my email that time because I didn't get a reply the second time around.

If you were wondering our aircon unit is this one...
product code ASV13ESQN

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