Friday, August 23, 2013

Flood and Bad Weather during my NCLEX exam

If you've been watching the news, typhoon Maring flooded 80% of Manila. Unfortunately for me, I was there when it happened.

I was there on the 19th, a day before my exam. It rained the whole night so when we woke up, the road outside our hotel was nealry waist deep.

I'm already panicking at this stage. I kept calling all the numbers at my ATT but I kept getting a fixed message plus being referred to another number. I called the one for the US and all it advised me was to contact the local one here for Manila.

Because it was so impossible, I decided not to go to the testing center. I went in the afternoon when the rain subsided a bit. To my surprise, there were still some people who went to Trident in the morning despite the bad weather. The guard at the door didn't really know or care if the exam was cancelled or not so they told me to go up at 27th floor for Pearsonvue.

Thankfully the guard/watcher there did affirm that the NCLEX exam was cancelled since yesterday. Actually all other exams at Pearsonvue were cancelled including HAAD I think.

Unfortunately (another unfortunate for me), my Authorization to test (ATT) is to expire on Aug 27th. There are no more available slots at Pearsonvue from 21st-27th. So what happens now?

I called the numbers listed, and they told me to wait 3-5 business days. Now I'm waiting, with my fingers crossed. Because I really do not want to go through the process of reapplying all over again and spendin much $$$ on this.

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