Monday, February 29, 2016

JeruZalem - Movie Review

I've read a couple of JeruZalem movie reviews online and since they probably topped your google page hits, you already have a pretty good idea on what this movie is about.

In case you haven't read it though, it's about a couple of female tourists, best friends, who went to Jerusalem for adventure. They meet this guy in the plane who cajoled them in going to Jerusalem first instead of their original destination.

I didn't really care about the cliche plot of sex, adventure, apocalypse, interesting views, I could have watched that and still not have wasted my time and money. What other reviewers failed to mention is that this movie was mostly shot on the lead character's perspective.

To describe it more concretely, it's like playing those RPGs wherein you're the one holding the gun like in Clash of Clans or maybe, Tomb  Raider. I guess others are okay with this, since a lot of these games make a lot of money, but for other people like me, it's just one big Headache - literally!

I couldn't finish the movie and not even halfway, I wanted to vomit. So if you don't like those type of games, you probably won't like this movie either.

I never  even got to see the monsters....

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