Monday, February 29, 2016

Ride Along 2 - Movie Review

Ride Along 2 was a lot better than JeruZalem (see my other review) since I actually finished this one. It's a story about two cops: one dependable, the other an idiot and they are chasing a drug dealer from Atlanta to Miami.

The two cops are actually going to be brother-in-laws in the future, which is why the dependable cop brought along klutzy cop with him.

I haven't watched Ride Along 1, and I don't know if watching it would have made me appreciate this better or not. It could have been a stand-alone and you could still get the gist of the story.

It was just too cliche that I felt like I have watched this plotline more than a couple of times before. The stupid, klutzy cop wanting to prove himself and the competent cop making sure he stays in line. Enter beautiful, sexy cop to keep things interesting and that scene where she uses her charms to distract the bad guy.

In the end, of course it's the klutzy cop who saves the day and he earns a bit of respect from his future brother-in-law.

Reading the synopsis I actually thought it was the competent cop who had a girlfriend and the silly cop to be the younger brother of the hot girl.

If you like these type of movies, then you might enjoy this. But it was just too painful for me to watch the antics of Kevin Hart (klutzy cop).

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