Thursday, August 30, 2012

I.Link Optical Mouse Review

I often get motivated to review items I just bought/ regularly use/ discovered. Mostly because I consider myself as your basic average consumer. I'm not too techy but I get the hang of new items. I'm not a perfectionist but I appreciate quality and I look at the price tag.

I bought a new optical mouse on a whim. This Ilink optical mouse is sold at SM City for P299.75
I bought it for its catchy design and one of its features that caught my attention is:

Ilink mouse size
Motion on Virtually ANY Surface.

Here's what I thought:

Pro: It really works on most surface even without the mouse pad.

Cons: The 3D wheel does not roll easily. It feels stuck.
It is also thinner than I thought it would be so it's a bit uncomfortable for my hand use.

Here are some Ilink Mouse pics.

Ilink Mouse Back
Ilink mouse pic

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