Tuesday, August 21, 2012

IV Insertion Video

Reviewing IV insertion Youtube Videos

Whether you're a nurse, doctor or other professionals in the medical team, inserting an IV line is tricky and requires some skill that can only be brought about by experience.

Learning about IV insertion procedure through books and lectures may not be enough. With the advent of Youtube videos, our method of learning has improved. Now, we can see actual demonstration of starting an IV line.

Though watching this video is not a guarantee that you'll get it right on your first try, it will give you some helpful tips when starting your IV line. This could also help refresh guidelines and procedures for those who have done this before.

There are a lot of youtube videos about IV Cannulation, IV insertion, Starting an IV line. However, there are a lot of videos that are grainy, have unclear sounds, not ideal and incomplete. I found these two videos that I think are most helpful in starting an IV line.

It also includes things to watch out for or the complications that may happen when you insert an IV line incorrectly.

Peripheral IV Cannulation 1 - uploaded by amola36

Peripheral IV Cannulation 2 - uploaded by amola36

This picks up where part 1 ended. Both are uploaded by amola36.

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